Harsco Crushed Rock limestone gravel alternative

Top Ten Uses for Crushed Rock

Over the years, we have discovered many applications for our steel slag. Our customers use it for driveways, landscaping backyards, parking lots, industrial storage yards, trench backfill, chip and seal roads, roadbase, asphalt, Riprap, culverts and tornado shelters.

Driveway Gravel to cover potholes, level farm lanes and cover yards

Steel slag is commonly used to cover driveways, to fill potholes, repair farm lanes, residential entrances, or yards.

Customer Testimonial "I had a constant problem with potholes and low spots in my farm lanes. It was too expensive to buy gravel to fix'em. So, I used slag to fill 'em in and level the roadways - it worked great - if I knew I could have saved this much money I would have been using slag aggregates years ago." Ephraim B, Lancaster PA

Landscaping your back yard around pool or patio with steel slag aggregate
Landscaping back yards

Steel slag is not just good for driveways, it is also used by homeowners as a landscaping stone in back yards around a pool area or patio.

Harsco Crushed Rock steel slag aggregate to cover parking lot St Mary's Cement Ontario Canada
Parking lots

Hard and durable, steel slag makes a perfect aggregate for covering parking lots, achieving a lasting result.

Steel slag aggregate on chip seal rural unpaved road
Chip seal roads

When used for chip seal road projects, steel slag aggregate binds well and sets hard on the surface, extending the life of the road. This example is a rural unpaved road Ashtabula County Ohio.

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