Crushed Rock - Limestone Gravel Alternative

Frequently Asked Questions about Harsco Environmental Crushed Rock

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What is Harsco Environmental Crushed Rock?

Harsco Environmental Crushed Rock is a steel slag aggregate which is hard, durable and drains well. Its cubical shape locks the aggregate together. Used as an alternative to limestone or gravel for driveways, landscaping back yards, chip and seal roads, parking lots, trench backfill, Riprap, culverts and more.

What is steel slag?

Steel slag is a co-product of steelmaking, with remarkable properties. In terms of mineral composition, it is a calcium silicate, which makes it suitable for many applications

How does it compare to limestone or gravel?

Steel slag is a good alternative to limestone or gravel, due to its natural strength and cubical interlocking shape. It is widely used as a fill material in unpaved areas such as driveways, walkways, low-spot repairs, livestock loafing areas, ditch back-fill and on-farm slag pads. Steel slag is often a darker grey color than limestone, but the color of steel slag varies from pale grey to dark greySeller

Where can I buy it?

We supply customers from 12 locations across North America. You can order material directly from your nearest location. We welcome commercial or residential customers. We can also arrange for delivery. Please contact your nearest site for further information. We accept payment by invoice, check or credit card.

Can steel slag be used for any application?
Steel Slag Aggregate is not recommended for use in contained applications, such as under concrete or asphalt or near natural bodies of water.  For details regarding Steel Slag Aggregate applications please contact your Harsco Environmental Sales Representative.

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