Harsco Crushed Rock Limestone Gravel Alternative

Limestone Gravel Alternative

If you are considering buying stone for a construction project, there are more options than just limestone or gravel.

Steel slag is a good alternative, due to its natural strength and cubical interlocking shape. It is widely used as a fill material in unpaved areas such as driveways, walkways, low-spot repairs, livestock loafing areas, ditch back-fill and on-farm slag pads.

For chip and seal on roads, steel slag used in tandem with a binder sets very hard, extending the life of rural roads.

Our material achieves a nice finish or top coat for landscaping projects near shrubbery or plants.

Crushed rock can also be used as a sub-base material for roads or in water line fill.

Slag is also very efficient at drainage, whether for culverts or riprap in protecting against soil erosion near waterways.

Benefits of using Crushed Rock
Interlocking Interlocking
Durable Durable
Porous Porous
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What is Steel Slag?
What is Steel Slag?
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